Mothers and Music Plaques and Mugs

Still posting once a month and at the end of the month, eh? At least I'm being consistent...LOL. 

Crafting brings me joy.  I love monograms and personalizing items, and this past month has been filled with both.  Having a Cricut and the Cricut Mug Press and certainly allowed me to personalize items more than ever!

I have shared music plaques that I've made before, but I recently made a couple as gifts. One for my Mother-in-law's birthday and one for my Brother-in-law and his new bride. Making the music plaques has become one of my favorite items to make.  It so personal to the couples and can transport you back to a happy place and time. 

Personalized Music Plaques

For Mother's Day, I can also personalize a music plaque for the mom in your life.  Maybe it's a picture of your mom with all her children with her favorite song as a gift to her, or a picture of just your mom with a song that reminds you of her for yourself.  I'd be happy to help commemorate the love for the mother figure in your life with a music plaque.

This Cricut Mug Press's just magical.  I am seriously in awe every time I unwrap the infusible ink transfer sheet and seeing no ink on the sheet and knowing that the ink is in the mug.  Like in the mug.  Not just on it like vinyl.  Knowing that it can go into the dishwasher, which I have, and in the microwave, blows my mind.  Cricut has definitely made me a fan (actually, I have been a long-time fan).  

Here are some mugs (or mugables, as I am calling them if they're filled), that I made for Easter.  The cool bunny theme was super cute for the young people they were made for.

Currently, I'm working on mugs for Mother's Day.  Being able to personalize mugs for special moms makes my heart glad. Here are a couple I made for some special grandmothers.

If you are interested in ordering a music plaque or mugable for Mother's Day, you can fill out the order form here: Chic Lady Crafts order form

I look forward to personalizing something special and unique for you!

Stay Chic, 



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