Black 365...and a Nod to the Real HU

Black History Month just ended; however, we like to celebrate our culture everyday! We have so much to celebrate from honoring those who came before us to those who are forging a path forward. I decided to commemorate my love for the culture by, of course, creating something chic. 

I got the bright idea to host a virtual craft and chat with my wonderful mother in law and my lovely auntie, fellow crafters, to make a BHM design (or whatever else they wanted to work on).  I was able to knock out a couple of t-shirts during our three hour craft afternoon.

The first t-shirt I made came from a svg in Cricut Design Space using Siser Black Heritage Patterns HTV. I love the way this shirt came out. Plus it was super easy to weed.

Check out our video on IG showing how it was made @ChicLadyCrafts. Follow us while you're there too!

The second t-shirt was something I made to let people know that I'm not a bag wagon fan, but an alumnus of Thee Howard University. The Mecca. The Hilltop. The Real HU. (HU...You Know)! Nothing celebrates the height of black culture more than the institution that has so many history makers matriculate its campus. I LOVE my HU! (Hmmm...that might be the next t-shirt). This week also happens to be our Charter Day celebration....Happy Charter Day Bison! Awesome since 1867. (Hmmm...sounds like another t-shirt idea).

If you are interested in a personalized t-shirt, Chic Lady Crafts is ready to work with you to create your one of a kind design. Pricing varies: Chic Lady Crafts Order Form. 

Stay Chic,



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