National Craft Month and the New Cricut Mug Press

National Craft Month has come to an end (see a pattern here...always posting at the end of the month), and it has definitely been a crafty month at Chic Lady Crafts! First, I got a new toy for my craft studio...a Cricut Mug Press! Let me tell yall, I love this thing! I made my first mug and was in pure amazement. You can see my genuine reaction on instagram @ChicLadyCrafts. I was so impressed by how well my first mug came out. 

My first mug! Eek!
Yes, yes she did 😎

Cricut Mug Press Haul!

Second, this month I've also worked on creating some branding for Chic Lady Crafts. Once I saw these mint colored Chucks, I knew I needed them with my logo on them. I also made a personalized tshirt to match. When you see me making deliveries, you'll know that "she made that." 



Made this bag with Cricut Infusible Ink on New Year's Day. It goes with my Chic Lady Crafts look!

Speaking of Chucks, who rocks them better than my fellow Howard Alum, Madame Vice President Kamala Harris? It's also Women's History Month and you've seen women all over Beyoncé's internet rocking Chucks (and pearls) in honor of Madame VP's historic election. I was trying to design my own version of a "Chucks and Pearls" tee, but got a little stuck.  Has that ever happened to you? Now that I have my Chic Lady Chucks (see what I did there), I may go back and tweak that design some more and get it on a tshirt. 

Last thing, when you see Chucks this cute, you personalize another pair for your sister! I don't think I'll be adding personalizing Chucks to the the list of items offered, but it was a fun experiment. Maybe next week I'll share some of the Easter Mugables (mugs) that I made using my Cricut Mug Press. (Yall, I have to get better about posting). In the meantime, you can check them out on IG. 

OH! Before I go... I added the order form to the blog, so now you can find it right in the menu. I have to carve out time to get a functioning website going, but this is working for now. Thanks for hanging with me 💚.

 Stay Chic, 



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