Light Up the Night

While wandering around the Dollar Tree, I spotted a square LED night light and a LED wall switch light and knew it was time to get crafty. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but knew I would come up with something cute.  I landed on the idea of making night lights for my youngest son's room (he'll be two tomorrow at the time of this post...😢).  

LED Night Light

The wall switch light was my solution to a very first world problem: during our night routine, I sit in the rocking chair read a book to my son, then we get up to turn off the light, go back to the rocking chair, and sing a lullaby.  I wanted to eliminate the step of getting up to turn the light off, so this battery operated light was the perfect solution. It has stickies on the back which I stuck on to my son's crib, which is right next to the rocking chair. It's gives just enough light for us to read a book without having to get up to switch off the main light in the room. Plus, my son enjoys being able to turn the light on and off himself since its within his reach 😊. 

LED Wall Switch Light

Check out our video on IG showing how it was made @ChicLadyCrafts. Follow us while you're there too!

Interested in a night light combo for your little one's room (or a dark laundry closet), let us know and we can personalized one for you.  Click here to complete the Chic Lady Crafts Order Form. 

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