Put a Frame on It

In March we celebrated our dear friend, Nikki B.'s, 30th birthday.  It was a lot of fun as we decorated her place with some very chic decor using red, gold and zebra print! We used a few different mediums to create the decor, but there were a couple of decorations that had a special Chic Lady touch ;-)

First is a framed initial that I made using a pre-cut wooden letter, ribbon, scrapbook paper, and a 12x12 picture frame all purchased from Michaels.

The background is a sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper with a zebra stripe that was nice and glittery.  I traced the letter around a beautiful sparkly red paper and used mod podge to adhere it to the letter after cutting it out.  Next, I used the gold glitter ribbon to give it a real pop.  The ribbon already had an adhesive backing which was great!  I then used a hot glue gun to attach the letter to the scrapbook paper, removed the frame's glass and inserted the paper.  The result was a fun and chic craft that doubled as decor and a gift!  How about that?

The second decoration was a quick on the spot idea.  (Don't you just love those?  Especially when it turns out nice).  I took some crepe paper (yes, crepe paper) and took a few layers to create the number 30.  Now crepe paper can be kind of cheesy, but not when the Chic Lady gets her hands on it.  Plus, it was zebra print, so it was already chic.

The birthday girl Nikki B.!

This spot became the impromptu photo backdrop for the night.  It gave a bare wall some chicness.  All the decor came together nicely and everyone had such a great time celebrating such a great person.

*Also, Chic Lady Crafts is coming up on our first anniversary (dance dance dance) on May 5th which is National Scrapbooking Day!  Come back and visit us for a fun surprise!

We want to know:  What on the fly crafts have you created?


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