New Color on the Block

Transforming my boring old knife block into a thing of beauty!


It's the holiday season and I have been working on everything BUT Christmas Crafts.  Shame.  It's been a pretty busy month and aside from putting up my tree and door decor that was about it.  Hopefully next year I will jump on my Christmas cards earlier.  I might get to work in an ornament or two before Christmas day. Fingers crossed.

Anywhoo, this post is about a super fun, easy, fast, beautiful, chic (and whatever other wonderful adjective I can use) transformation of an ordinary knife block into something kind of amazing (Ha! I found another one).  Inspired by a couple of different post on Pinterest, I knew immediately that this is something I could do.  I took some leftover paint from another BIG project (that I hope I will finish one day) and went to work.

This was also my first project using vinyl.  After watching endless videos on YouTube about using vinyl with the Cricut, I finally found the perfect opportunity to incorporate the material into my crafting.  Trust me, it will be making more appearances.  It's so easy to use.  Easy crafts?  Yes, please!


Just your regular old knife block.


Now a chic awesome one!

The monogram (you know, my other obsession) was cut out using the Tie the Knot Cricut cartridge and I placed them on each side.  I wish I would have made them a little bigger, but the great thing about vinyl is that you can remove it and I can make bigger ones if I like!  Then I added the little florish to the front using the Home Decor cartridge.  And yes, it's purple.  In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love purple.  It goes perfectly with my Boysenberry Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and my apple green accessories in my kitchen.  Those colors together make me smile.

So there you have it.  A super easy project that will give your kitchen a little extra punch.  Try it out!

We want to know...what colors do you have or wish you had in your kitchen?


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