Happy Post Independence Day!  Hopefully you enjoyed your 4th of July with some good BBQ.  We did...yum yum.

When you think of the holiday, you picture the colors red, white, and blue, and you think fireworks.  Well we had an opportunity to use both those things in a quick and easy card we made using Martha Stewart's new CraftStudio app on our iPad.  It is one of the coolest apps ever!

Now, I have never done any type of digital scrapbooking before, but this could be a start.  You will be pleasantly surprised and especially elated to discover all you can do with the scrapbooking app.

Created using the Martha Stewart CraftSudio app on iPad
You can add photos, stamps, write, type, and best of all glitter on your projects.  Wait until you see how to add glitter to your page.  It'll make you smile on the inside and out! :-)

The projects come in card sizes 5x7 and 5x5.  You can share your projects directly to facebook and Twitter and you can also save it to your photo library.

It's FREE for a limit time courtesy of Snapfish.  The default price is $4.99.  Within the app you can purchase additional themes just like you can purchase different themed papers.

Not sure if it's just exclusive to the iPad tablet, but if you have one, please download it and let us know how you like it in the comment section below!


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